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Fashion Knives

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Fashion Knives

There are many popular styles of kitchen knives, and the following are some common styles:

1. Slicer knife: mainly used for processing vegetables and fruits, usually of moderate length, with a thicker back to increase grip stability, and a slightly curved middle of the back towards the blade to cut harder vegetables and fruits.

2. Cutting knife: also known as "chopping board knife", with a short and small blade, usually used in conjunction with a larger chopping board, mainly used for cutting shredded vegetables, ginger, etc. The back of the knife is thick to facilitate the use of force when cutting vegetables.

3. Bone chopping knife: mainly used to cut large pieces of meat and bones. The blade is thick and heavy, usually larger, and the back is relatively straight or slightly concave to better withstand the weight and pressure of the bones.

4. Utility knives: These knives usually combine the functions of multiple knives, such as slicing, cutting, and chopping bones, and can complete most kitchen work with one knife. The design of this type of cutting tool is usually more flexible and easy to use under different kitchen working conditions.

5. Butterfly knife: The characteristic of this knife is that the two blades on the back of the knife can collide with each other in an open state, thereby enhancing the cutting force, making it suitable for cutting thicker food.

6. Ceramic knife: This is a kitchen knife made of ceramic material, which has the characteristics of being rust free, non-magnetic, non retracting, wear-resistant, and environmentally friendly.

In addition, there are also some other popular styles of kitchen knives, such as stainless steel knives, sheathed knives, and gemstone inlaid knives. Different styles are suitable for different cooking needs and personal preferences. Choosing the right kitchen knives not only makes the cooking process easier, but also protects hands from knife injuries.

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